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Ristras on the Rio 575-439-7700


The History of Ristras


Ristras came to Camp Rio via Phoenix, AZ. Shortly after owner Clay went and picked the trailer up, he got a phone call from Chef Matt, a native AZ Man and here we are today. After experimenting with several dishes, the "Fab 5" came to the forefront as what the people wanted and became staples. This food trailer was brought to Camp Rio to help guests have an easier and more relaxed experience for arrivals and departures while staying with us. Savvy locals have begun coming to eat at Ristras as well. 


Chef Matt arrived to Ristras with 30 years of food and beverage experience. He is a level 2 wine sommelier and his career has spanned from The Wine Cellar in Jacksonville to Bistro Al Vino in Colorado. 

Owner Clay went in a different path as a foodie turned restaurateur. He was taught by his late Uncle's Walt and Dan at The Grapevine Gallery the art of fine dining. His uncles trained and taught him about cooking, art and wine at a young age and the rest is history. 

Why the name Ristras? After several "smarty names" by owner Clay, the name Ristras or Ristras on the River/ Ristras 2180 was chosen to honor The Land of Enchantment for one of it's iconic images. Basically maturity and responsibility won the name game.....


Meet our Ristras Team!

Ok Ok ..... We will get actual pictures of Clay and Matt, until then, they are basically the same thing. 


Clay Speer 

Owner, Executive Chef 


Matt Thorton 

Head Chef 

N Curly.jpg

Team Member to be named Later

Goof Ball - duties currently split by Matt and Clay 

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